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David Lovelock retired on January 31, 2004, after 30 great years working in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. These pages are devoted to some of his activities since then. His pre-retirement web pages (no longer supported) can be found here.

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Cartoon on retirement. "I told you I'm adjusting just fine to retirement.
Didn't you get my memo?"

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February 5, 2004


Quality Control

Due to the ongoing bottleneck problems within the current system, I believe changes are in order. There seems to be an issue with the equipment in our work place. The warmth of the tea that has been served lately is not up to industry standards. At this time, our budget does not allow us to hire any outside service professional to repair any of our equipment and our purchasing department does not have the funds necessary to acquire a new heating element. Any service necessary must be handled by our own service manager, Fiona Lovelock. If this is not an equipment problem, it must be a personnel issue. Since the current personnel is of outstanding quality, I have determined that we are understaffed. However, in light of the current tight budget we simply cannot take on more overhead. So, the current personnel in charge of fresh hot tea service, Fiona Lovelock, must tighten their boot straps and give 110%. Somehow, the tea must be served hot and often. With the personnel currently employed, I am certain they can overcome any inadequacies with effort or equipment problems. I hope this monumental task can be dealt with swiftly and without further direction.